Iphone Photography

Instructor: Stacy


The best camera in the world? The one you have with you. Every year the camera phone is getting more sophisticated and over the last few years some of the most cutting edge and beautiful photos in the world have been achieved on the mobile phone. Using a few great apps, classic photography basics, and the iPhone in your pocket we will explore ways to get great photos everyday. This class will cover editing, layering effects with multiple apps, simple tricks to powerful black and white photos, sharpening, cropping, blemish removal, lighting, painterly and fantasy effects for digital photos using only the tools available on the iPhone. We will discuss street photography, portraits, landscapes and still life techniques. Whether you are taking selfies or ready to paint with light, this class will be a fun and casual way to learn how to use the phone you have to get the photos you want to keep.



  • An iPhone - any year
  • pre-download the freenapp “snapseed” — other good apps we will be covering: Tintype, Distressed FX, Glaze, Photo FX by tiffen, ,Pre-loading these on your phone. recommended.
  • A notebook and pen