Fiction Techniques

Instructor: Stacy


What makes a good story? What makes a story interesting to read? What makes our writing sound unprofessional and what makes it captivating? We will explore these questions and many more as they relate to a variety of genres. If you’ve been wanting to start writing fiction or have begun a story and feel dissatisfied with the results—this class is a place to improve your skills in a safe and accepting environment. We will cover methods of getting started, how to use research to move your story ahead, and how to avoid some common mistakes. We will work on honing descriptive skills, using place and time to make your writing come alive, and finding ways to use grammar and structure as tools working for you instead of tripping you up. If you have a project you want to work on, we can create exercises to move your specific project forward. If you’ve never tried fiction, this is a great place to start putting your ideas on paper and creating confidence in your ability to become a storyteller. Let’s get started on the story that only you can tell.




  • A notebook and pen
  • Bring one book that is representative of the kind of fiction you wish you could write — any author, any genre. Try to find a copy you wouldn’t mind writing in
  • A highlighter