Drawing - Essential Techniques

Instructor: Cate


Cate McCoy has been a Fayetteville resident since 1995 and raised two lovely daughters here.

After receiving her degree in Graphic Design, she opened her own decorative & faux painting business, Sensational Surfaces.

Her portfolio has a huge variety of hand-painted treatments from plaid floors to Baroque and tortoiseshell ceilings, Narnia room and murals, a rock n roll piano, a clouded 90'L x 12'W ceiling with whimsical beam supports at Rogers Public Library Children's Department, (faux) marble columns at Pinnacle Bank in Rogers and has recently sown a 65' curtain for BrightWater Culinary school in Bentonville, (depicting 5 waterways in NW Arkansas).  Cate's work has been shown in several publications, including; At Home in Arkansas and Citiscapes.

Due to a back injury, she has retired the ladder and Sensational Surfaces has morphed into Cate McCoy Studio.

With over twenty years of painting experience working with various mediums, her favorites are; pencil, oil, cold wax and fabric.





Graphite pencils: 2 2B, 2 HB, 1 2H, 1 5B

Sketchpad: Strathmore 400 Drawing paper in white/cream: 11" x 14" or 18" x 24" (your preference), 80lb.

Erasers - kneaded and white vinyl