Beginning Watercolor

Instructor: Linda


Week 1: Intro, Tools Week 6-Trees and Shrubs

Week 2- Color Theory and Mixing; Week 7-Rocks and Mountains

Week 3-Composition and Design Week 8-Clouds and Sunsets

Week4-Basic Drawing Week 9 and 10-Texture Techniques

Week 5-Floral Techniques Week 11 and 12-Subject of Choice.



Paper:  Strathmore watercolor pad, 140 lb, 9x12

Paper towels

Covered palette with 15-20 color wells if not using orang watercolor set

1” flat watercolor brush

#4 and #10 round watercolor brushes

2” flat watercolor brush (a cheap 2” sponge brush will do

1”masking tape

non-porous 16x20 surface to paint on (ie: GRafix stretch watercolor board or foam core board.

art gum eraser

H graphite pencil

2 plastic quart water containers

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

1 hard plastic card (ie:  credit card)

several sheets of drawing paper


Choose one of the following 3 paint collections:  artist quality, student quality or Prang 16 color Pan Palette:


Student Quality

(Academy) :

Must have:

Halo Red PX 19

Cad Red Light

Cad Yellow Med

Lemon Yellow

Halo Green

Halo Blue

Cerulean Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Yellow Ochre

Quinacridone Gold (WN)


Artist quality:

(Daniel Smith (DS) or Winsor Newton (WN))

Must have:

cad yellow light (WN)

hansa yellow light (DS)

Halo Blue (DS)

French Ultramarine Blue (WN)

Cadmium Red (WN)

Quinacridone Red (DS)

Quinacridone Gold (ieither DS or WN)

Cerulean Blue (WN)

Yellow Ochre (DS our WN)

Windsor Green Blue Shad (WN)

Quinacridone Magenta (WN)

Quinacridone Sienna (DS)