Beginning Pastels

Instructor: Barbara


My beginning pastel class is formatted in a 12 week session.  The most important week in the beginner class is the first class, where everyone begins to get comfortable with working with the chalks, minus the pressure of feeling that they have to produce a painting. We begin by going over the basics in a follow along. For this part of the class we use copy paper, which I provide. We start with basic strokes and slowly work into a tiny thumbnail landscape painting. After this we do a little thumbnail seascape painting. From here, still using copy paper, we do an 8”x10”, incorporating both the land and sea into our painting. Generally, at this point, most people begin to relax and feel pretty good as we have now done three paintings.  From here I say “Now we are going to learn a little about form and explain how important it is in our paintings. Then we draw a circle, triangle, and square and turn them into a sphere, cone and a cube using our black pastel. When we have finished this we draw a simple pot and using the black pastel and create our form again. When we have finished this I suggest that some, might like to lightly place some color on the top of their tonal pot to create a painting which uses this grisaille as an underpainting. This ends the first class and everyone generally leaves feeling good as I emphasize the fact that they have already created 4 paintings.



  • 12 Count Prismacolor Nu-Pastels
  • Pastel Paper
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Erasers