Adult Painting

Instructor: Patty




Acrylic or watercolor paints in the following colors (note - more colors will be bought later as you pick color choices for each painting.)

In the following colors try to pick out at least 2 of each color on different shade of the colors example a dark red and a light red.

  • Red , Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
  • Browns - Burnt Siena and Burnt Umber
  • Black- Lamp black and Mars black
  • White - zinc white and titianium
  • Buff - you choose a nice off white or cream
  • Grey - Paynes grey and neutral grey


That should get you started on color.


Now for brushes.

Choose a verity of sizes and styles.  You will need several small ones for detail and bigger brushes for larger areas of color.  If you plan to work really big get some big brushes it will make it easier.


  • Acrylic -Wet pallet for storing your selected paint in and to use as a pallet during painting project
  • Watercolor pallet either plastic or paper kind
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Pencils for sketching
  • Eraser
  • At least one canvas to start a painting on.



Rinse well - wonderful for renewing the dirty water without going to the sink every time.

More canvases and brushes and paint.

Color wheel if you need help with color choices

Acrylic Glazes, gesso's  ect.... - needed for various technique can be bought later when you decide what you want to do.

Table easel - good sturdy one

Storage container to haul all the goodies in.


Come prepaired with a picture of what you want to paint