Adult Painting

Instructor: Nadine



Come and enjoy painting acrylics in a safe, fun environment.  This supportive and encouraging class moves at the speed of the student. Students may choose their subject matter while Nadine assists them in the composition.  Abstracts, landscapes, portraits and more may be explored. Nadine, a professional artist and educator, teaches watercolors, acrylics, drawing, mixed media and more, so should you desire to expand your competency into these other areas Nadine will instruct and assist you.  Individuals in this class become close and often meet outside of class.  Pot-lucks, birthday celebrations and more cement friendships and this sense of community. Appropriate for beginners through professionals, this class is fun and stress relieving.




Acrylic Paints:

  • Cadmium Red - Medium or Deep
  • Prussian Blue or Ultramarine Blue
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium or Naples Yellow or Primary Yellow
  • Mars Black or Oxide Black
  • Sap Green or Hooker’s Green
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Burnt Umber
  • Orange or Vermillion
  • (Amsterdam Paints for children and Liquitex Heavy Body/ Daniel Smith/ Golden for Teens and Adults)
  • Glazing Medium
  • Yellow Synthetic Brushes, Mega Brush, and Detail Brush



  • Three Rings
  • Masterson’s Covered Paint Palette
  • Canvas (Pre-Primed stretched canvas in 11”x14” or 16”x20” is recommended)
  • Sketchpad
  • Graphite pencils, Erasers, and Charcoal Pencils
  • Portfolio Art Bag



  • Brush Holder
  • Blending Brush
  • Travel Easel
  • Tube Wringer
  • Palette Knife
  • Texture Mediums
  • Brush Soap
  • Paint Pens